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 Illustrated Testimonial Letters From Our Brides

Sparks Fly at Devils Lake

A smiling bride and groomThe groom gives the bride a ravising kiss!

Dear Terri,

THANK YOU! The flowers that you did for our October 14th wedding were AMAZING. I saw them for the first time just five minutes before the ceremony and my jaw dropped.  The bouquets were exactly as I had imagined...only better! The colors and design were perfect - natural but still alive and fun.  Thank you for the beautiful touch. Our wedding was wonderful and the flowers added to that perfection.

Many thanks,    Lauren & Brodie Birkel

Hands and bridal bouquet

A Bride's Testimonial Two Years Later

I don’t know if you remember me and my wedding, but you did my flowers in July 2007. I just was looking back through pictures and reflecting on how much I LOVED the flowers you did for me and how much beauty and personality they added to such a wonderful day. THANK YOU so much. Here are some photos that highlight your beautiful creations. I get so many oohs and ahhs from people about the flowers at my wedding when they see the photos—much less the people who were there in the first place!

Best wishes,  Annie               January 2009

I loved my bridal bouquet!
The bride, 6 bride's maids, and beautiful flowersThe bride, 6 bride's maids, and their flowers
A floral crown for a flower girlFlower girs with floral crowns

A Ceremony at the Gates of Heaven in Madison

Bride with groom and family Young brothers with sharp boutonniers 
The flowers were absolutely beautiful. They made our wedding day very special.  Many people complemented on them.  They really made our fall wedding gorgeous.  Thanks again,   
Jason and Melissa Scott
A garland dresses up a pillar at Gates of Heaven, Madison, WI 
Altar arrangements at Gates of Heaven, Madison, WI 

Roses and Dahlias at Olbrich Gardens

White bridal dress-red roses, red attendant dresses-white roses!
Michelle Allen Photography
Rich red roses and dahlias with hypericin accents

I just wanted to send a few pictures of your flowers at our wedding on 8/11.  They were just amazing, and so personalized.  Thank you again!  Abby Utley

A Testimonial from a Bride at the Press House
Colorful red, yellow, green, and white rose bouquet

Everyone loved the flowers, got lots of compliments on them.  Thanks for doing such a great job!          Lynn
A happy bride with a colorful rose bouquet
White gardenias make a gorgeous hair pieceA pomander sphere makes an unique aisle decoration
Monona Terrace Romance
A kiss with a romantic Monona Terrice lake viewUnique wedding shoes
Thanks again for everything!    Tina

A Testimonial from Betsy

A happy group of bride's maids, the bride, and flowersThree flower girls with floral crowns and the bride

WE LOVED THEM!!! Every single blossom and leaf that you so artistically put together was a treasure to me on our wedding day.  I came in with dreams, ideas, and specific requests and you fulfilled each  and  every one perfectly.  Many people commented – knowing that I carefully selected a designer and the flowers – and all day I RAVED! Thank you for sharing your art with us. It will be a part of us forever!      Betsy Delzer

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