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Wedding Prices

Our wedding prices depend upon the cost of the flowers used, the number of arrangements needed, and other considerations.  All these individual details and prices can be set up during a free flower consultation with Terri.

Getting Ready for Your Consultation

Before your consultation it is helpful to have a general idea of what your general flower budget is. Total wedding flower costs for past clients have run between $100 and $7,000. If you can let Terri know your estimated budget at the beginning of the consultation she can help you plan your flowers accordingly. Terri is great at finding ways to help you get the most from your flower budget so the wedding and reception sites look their best. Specific flowers can be chosen that best fit your price range and arrangements such as altar bouquets, pew decorations, and door swags can often be set up at both locations.

Do It Yourself Wedding Flowers

For those who would like to make their own arrangements we also sell flowers in bulk.  See the tips for the do-it-yourselfer at the bottom of this page then call Terri and ask for "bunch prices".

Floral Planning Sheet

This sheet will help you organize and plan your wedding flowers. Click this link for a printer friendly (PDF) version of this table. 

The price ranges listed below are the most commonly ordered items, but less expensive and more expensive options are available for most categories listed.
Price per ItemQuantityTotal

 Floral Consultation

No Charge

 The Bridal Party

 Bridal bouquets$100 to $250  
 Bridesmaids bouquets50 to 85  
 Brides toss bouquet40 to 60  
 Junior Bridesmaids bouquets50 to 85  
 Flower girl’s basket35 to 50   
 Brides flower crown50 to 65  
 Flower girl’s crown40 to 65  
 Grooms boutonniere12  
 Groomsmen’s boutonnieres12  
 Fathers’ & grandfathers’ boutonnieres12  
 Ushers’ boutonnieres12  
 Mothers’ corsages (pin-on or wrist)25.00   
 Grandmothers corsages25.00  

At the Ceremony

Altar bouquets100 to 500  
Huppah flowers50 to 300  
  Aisle & Pew Decorations               (Ribbon to flower sprays)10 to 75  
  Door Swags 150  
  Wreaths85 to 300  
  Main entrance bouquets100 to 500  

At the Reception

 Head table decorations75 to 300  
 Centerpieces25 to 125 ea.  
 Vase rental1 to 10 ea  
 Serving table arrangements25 to 150  
 Cake & cake table50 to 200  
 Cake topper35 to 55  
 Door Swags 150 ea.  
 Wreaths85 to 300 ea.  
 Garlands6 to 20 per foot  


  Rehearsal Dinner Flowers25 to 125 ea.  

Tips for Do It Yourself Wedding Flowers

  1. Plan ahead. A bride can be very busy on the days before her wedding and flowers need to prepared just before the wedding to be fresh.  Allow yourself plenty of time to pick up the flowers, time for the flowers to open, and time for the final arranging.  Avoid having to do anything on the wedding day. Delegate a trusted friend to deliver and set up the flowers at the church and/or the reception hall.
  2. Be sure to keep the flowers cool up to the last minute before the wedding.  We have a large walk in cooler but, refrigerators and ice chests can be used in a pinch if you plan ahead and make enough room for all the flowers
  3. Keep it simple and use flowers that are easy to keep looking fresh.  Some of our arrangements look like they are a bunch of fresh picked flowers tied together but, they often have a hidden water sources to keep them looking fresh.  Avoid working with flowers that require this kind of special care.
  4. When estimating the number of flowers you need allow for 15 to 20% extra to allow for damaged or undeveloped flowers that can't be used.
  5. Use the planning sheet above. Make a list of flowers that you will need. Then call Terri and ask for "bunch prices".

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